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Soft Skill Development Workshop

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This is the 2nd Workshop in IEEE Innovation Nation Sri Lanka 2018 Workshop Series.

The second workshop of IEEE Innovation Nation Sri Lanka 2018 based on soft Skills Development is here! This is your chance to reserve your seat! Even though the workshops are aimed to develop the potential Start-up ideas of the selected teams, this workshop will show the importance of developing your communication skills for the purpose of delivering the perfect Business pitch etc.

Join us and get a taste of the art of communication you need to be the entrepreneur you were destined to be!

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Speaker Delegates

Personal Profiles of the Event Speakers

Sandun Fernando

Head of Consulting / Lead Trainer at 3W Consulting Pvt (Ltd)

Sandun's Personal Profile

He is the Head of Consulting/ Lead Trainer at 3W Consulting Pvt. Limited, specializing in Enterprise Renewal, Strategic Change Management and High Performance Development in Leadership, Communication and Service.

His training experience of over 3,100 hours has influenced over 8,200 individuals globally. Besides, among others, he is the only Sri Lankan to achieve the Dual Championship of Evaluations and Impromptu Speaking (2016) for District 82 of Toastmasters International.

Chandi Dharmaratne

Senior Director of Human Resources at Virtusa

Chandi's Personal Profile

Chandi Dharmaratne is the Senior Director of Human Resources at Virtusa, where she is responsible for the professional development of and engagement of approximately 3500+ employees in Sri Lanka.

Moreover, she is the Head of HR of Virtusa Sri Lanka, Global Head of HR for the TMI Strategic business Unit, and Global Head of Internal Robotics Process Automation in HR. In 2015, she was recognized in Echelon Magazine’s list of 50 most powerful Women in Sri Lanka. In addition to that, she is currently the Board Director of SLASSCOM, a Board Member of the Association of Human Resource Professionals in Sri Lanka, Member of Business Advisory Group and many more.

Sampath Thrimavithana

Head of Talent Capability Development at Virtusa

Sampath's Personal Profile

He is the Head of Talent Capability Development at Virtusa and the Founder and Director of Sponge Global Learning, which informs, develops and supports individuals at every stage of their careers. Moreover, he is a Human Resources Consultant at Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC), a leading Research and innovation platform for Sustainable nanotechnology in Asia striving to transform Sri Lanka into a strong Nanotechnology-focused nation.