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What is IEEE Innovation Nation Sri Lanka?

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IEEE Innovation Nation Sri Lanka strives to provide training, mentoring and financial support to budding entrepreneurs to take their ideas to the next level. Through the competition, we aim to expose the young minds to the global market as full fledged entrepreneurs, and create an opportunity for them to win seed-funding as well.

  • Come up with a great concept
  • Learn the bread and butter of running a startup
  • Pitch your idea to a panel of investors
  • Win seed funding and mentoring to make your idea a reality!

Latest Events!

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How will you benefit from IEEE INSL?

A Platform for Growth

It is a platform where creativity meets its marketplace, where young minds get to know their opportunities and unite to learn, innovate, and grow as one.

Get Connected

IEEE IN will Integrate students, industry professionals, and academia into a collaborative space that celebrates the opportunities created by tech entrepreneurship.

Sharpen Your Entrepreneurial Skills

It will provide comprehensive training focused on design thinking, market analysis, financial projections, business models, soft skill development, company law, technical aspects relevant to the selected project ideas, etc.

Make Your Way to the Industry

The judges of the finale may double as investors, and guide the teams to become noteworthy start-ups and successful entrepreneurs of the future.

Ragistration Closed!

We’ve reached the end of the line! Registration for IEEE Innovation Nation Sri Lanka 2018 is now officially closed! Your ideas will be the change that unlocks new value! Thank you for your cooperation and enthusiasm!
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This schedule will be updated frequently.

Registrations Open

Call of submissions for IEEE INSL applicants.

April 16
Introductory Session

An awareness program about IEEE INSL for those interested in the event.

May 17
Registrations Close

Final day for applicants to register themselves for the event

July 08
Announcement of Elite 10 Teams

The ten teams deemed compatible to participate will be announced.

Design Thinking Workshop

The first workshop of IEEE Innovation Nation Sri Lanka 2018 on "Design Thinking" was happened.

August 21
Workshop 2: Making Sense to Those That Matter

The second workshop of IEEE Innovation Nation Sri Lanka 2018 was based on Soft Skills Development.

September 11
Workshop 3: Frontline: Playing the Market Right

The third workshop of IEEE Innovation Nation Sri Lanka 2018 was based on implying the importance of carrying out proper qualitative and quantitative assessment of the market was here.

September 26
Workshop 4: Reinventing Business Models in a Disruptive World

The 4th installment of IEEE INSL 2018 workshop series on ‘Reinventing Business Models in a Disruptive World’.

October 11
Workshop 5: Where You Shouldn't Go Wrong

The 5th workshop in IEEE Innovation Nation Sri Lanka 2018 workshop series focused on Sales and UX.

October 23
Workshop 6: Serving and Surviving: Balancing the Two Worlds

Here comes the 6th workshop in IEEE Innovation Nation Sri Lanka 2018 workshop series focusing on Serving and Surviving: Balancing the Two Worlds.

November 08
Workshop 7: Risk Assessments, Business Development & International Opportunities for Startups

Get the know-how of handling proper risk-assessments and figuring out their entries to the global market with the 7th workshop of IEEE Innovation Nation Sri Lanka 2018 focused on ‘Business Development & International Opportunities and Risk Assessments for Startups’ Lets get everyone suited!

November 20
Workshop 8: The Legal Know-How of Startups

Running a business can be tricky, and with the legal issues thrown into the mix, it can become your worst nightmare! To build a corporate world around you, you need to be aware of the nuances of the corporate law!

December 13
Grand Finale

This sums up the aims of IEEE Innovation Nation Sri Lanka (INSL) 2018 in providing the young entrepreneurs with essential training, mentorship and seed-funding in order to make way to successful entrepreneurs, hence, establishing the foundation for our nation’s prosperity.

Read more >> December 29

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